Santa Barbara Car Auto Detailing FAQs

Santa Barbara Car and Auto Detailing FAQs

I've never had my car detailed because of the cost. Why spend so much money on a used car?

Great question! Only about 5% of car owners get their cars detailed regularly, but here's an interesting fact: most of them were skeptics once. It's difficult to explain, on a website, the difference between an owner-cleaned and a pro-cleaned car. But when you look over a freshly detailed car, with its gleaming machine-polished paint, and sit in an interior with crystal clear glass, freshly shampooed carpets, and not a spec of dirt anywhere (we even clean every button, switch, screw, leveler, etc.) really grasp the value of car detailing. Something you have to try to believe!

Now, if you're selling your car, having it detailed will earn you a positive return on your investment. That's right: on average, you'll add more to the selling price than you spent on the detail. Have a quick look at this recent CNN article, which explores the value of pro detailing.

How long does a full detail take?

The time that a full detail takes depends upon many factors. The size of a vehicle and its condition will often dictate what is necessary. Also, the customer's concerns. Some are more concerned with exterior gloss, while others feel the interior should receive more attention. Depending on the service, a full detail can take anywhere from 4 to 6 hours. Note: This is a range and some details will use 20+ hrs. in some cases where sanding is needed.

How long does a car wash take?

Our exterior wash and wax service only takes between 15 and 25 minutes per application. With three employees, we attempt 4 per hour, but check our work carefully along the way to insure quality. We utilize expensive equipment and the highest quality polymer technology which makes our service extremely efficient, not cheap and fast. With each exterior wash and wax service, your paint receives a 5-8 month protective coating!

Can you service me at my office? My apartment or condo complex? 

Absolutely! After years of testing various equipment, we are now utilizing polymer liquid technology. This chemistry allows us to wash and wax your vehicle just about anywhere. We can legally perform this service at the beach if needed. Outdoors, indoors, parking lots, golf courses, airports, etc. It's all available and legal within city limits and we are certified to do so by the Clean Water Program.

Do you need water or an electrical outlet?

No, thank you. We bring our own treated water (we all know how hard SB water is and we do not wish to leave those mineral deposits on your paint) and electricity if needed. We use an inverter type generator made by Honda. Basically, we can talk while standing next to this generator running full steam- no noise pollution.

What cities do you service?

We service all cities and areas around Santa Barbara city. We serve Goleta, Hope Ranch, Montecito, and Santa Barbara. If needed, we will travel for an additional fee.

What days do you work?

We work every weekend during the school year (for now) and then work full time during the summer. If we can not fit you into our schedule, just ask for a referral. We are friends with other detailers here in Santa Barbara.

Typically, how far out are you booked?

A couple of weeks. The best course of action is to get on our monthly program for $200. This insures a weekly visit and a big savings on the services.

How do you determine final pricing?

Final pricing occurs after we have walked around your vehicle and we have listened to what you want done. We really do a good job of performing what the customer values, not what we "think" the vehicle needs. Should you ask, we will always share our expert advice about what is necessary for the paint, glass, interior, wheels, etc. For estimation purposes, figure about $45-60 per man hour depending on the detail. Thus, if getting a $20 exterior wash and wax, figure about 20-25 min. for the work.

How are you different from typical auto detailers? I mean, they seem to come and go.

We have spent well over a few thousand dollars just in training and traveling to various industry events since 1995. I was born in Santa Barbara in 1969 and have no plans on leaving. I travel around the U.S. each year just to keep up on my skills and learn new innovations within detailing.

I am certified by two different auto detail training facilities. I hold a Masters Degree in Education and continue teaching elementary school teacher (1993-present). I coach AYSO and continue to assist other auto detailers by helping them with website development and grammar at no charge. You will find that I am very upbeat, full of humor, and professional. Customer service comes before profit in our business. There is no ego, attitude, or poor appearance.

I am licensed by the city and a member of the Clean Creeks Program. I have detailed in Canada, San Diego, Las Vegas, Boston, Ohio, Los Angeles, and actually did detail an Air Force One!

In this business, there is not a "one size fits all" detail. If you ask for a full detail, ask what you are getting. Anyone can give you a price, but what is being done?

  • What tools are being used?
  • Are you getting clean carpet that is wet and soggy?
  • Are you getting acids or other caustic chemicals introduced into your fibers, or on your wheels?
  • Is the buffing method removing clear coat? How much?

Understanding what is included or involved in a detail is sometimes confusing. I will explain everything and let you know what is possible and what is not. You will pay exactly for what you get, nothing more. I won't quote a job and then try to upsell something else.

This is a little about how we are different. With our services, you will relax and be confident that your "baby" is in good hands - with gloves on, of course!



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